Power of Attorney and Probate
in Dublin, VA

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Count on Montgomery Law for excellent help with power of attorney and probate in Dublin, VA. When we get older, we will need someone who can advocate on our behalf with a variety of decisions. We also could use help with the probate process after a loved one passes away. Our superior experts know how to help with these important matters and more.

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Power of Attorney for When You Need Someone to Act on Your Behalf

It is never easy to not be able to fight for yourself under the law. That is why we work with you to establish power of attorney for a variety of situations. These important tools are there when you do not have the ability to act on your behalf. Virginia law allows for medical and durable powers of attorney when you need someone to handle your needs and assets. That gives you the comfort of knowing the right people are ready to make these decisions when you cannot.

Getting You What You Deserve Under Virginia’s Probate Law

Sometimes probate proceedings are necessary after someone close to you passes away. Our tremendous staff has the knowledge and expertise needed to guide you through the process. We show you what you deserve, but also what may have to go to probate. This can go from real estate and personal property. If you have no one willing to look over an estate, we will fight to establish that person. Reach out to us when you are to discuss your probate rights.

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excellent power of attorney and probate in Dublin, VA.