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When you need quality representation during probate in Blacksburg, VA, count on the experts at Montgomery Law. If you are unfamiliar with probate, it is the legal process of completing your loved one’s affairs in an organized fashion. An executor usually oversees probate through the probate court. Probate proceedings are rare, but it is still possible for court appearances to be necessary. This will depend on the assets involved, and if they are eligible for probate. No matter how small or large the bill is, we can help fight for what you deserve under the law.

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If there is something that a deceased person does not share ownership over, that property is subject to probate. Our superb team knows how you can avoid probate hearings altogether. We help our clients file for affidavits for both real estate and personal property for smaller cases.

Do you need to go through the traditional probate process? We can help you with those situations, too. We help you with the local circuit court and producing the needed paperwork. Do you have a will or an administrator that is not willing to serve? We will help you establish who that person should be.

Helping You Navigate What Comes After the Probate Process

Our experienced attorneys know and can help you prepare for the taxes and other debts that come after the probate process. That ensures that your loved one’s final expenses are paid off and their property gets distributed properly. Once you do that, you can go ahead with the process of closing the estate. Contact our office today when you need quality assistance with your probate law situation. We help with wills, powers of attorney, and trusts, too.

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